How To Make a Melon Man

Today is father's day so I thought I would make a fruit and vegetable dad! Here's instructions on how to make one so that children can make their own dad out of healthy food!

What you will need:
- 2 melons
- aubergine
- mushrooms
- blueberries
- red and green peppers
- new potato
- lemon
- cocktail sticks

1. First make all of the individual features:
- Eyes: pick out two mushrooms that are a similar shape and size, and cut two blueberries in half and place them on top of the mushrooms. Push a cocktail stick through each one to hold them together.
- Glasses: cut two squares and three thin strips (two long and one short) out of aubergine. Also use the aubergine to make the moustache!
- Mouth: cut a small semi circle out of red pepper to make the mouth.
- Tie: slice a green pepper into a square and a long diamond shape to create a tie.
- Collar: cut two thin slices of the inside of an aubergine to make two rectangular shapes.
- Ears: cut a slice of lemon, and then cut this slice in half to give you two ears.

2. Now that you have made all of the shapes you can start attaching it to the melon! Use cocktail sticks to push each part into the melon. (Tip: the further you push the sticks in the less visible they will be!)

3. Cut the other melon in half longways and stand one half on the flat side. Then push in at least four cocktail sticks into the top of this half. Remove these sticks and push them into the bottom of the melon head, and then push the head onto the other melon using the ready made holes.

Now your melon dad is finished!


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