Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit a post to be linked from Doodle and Stitch?
To submit a post, simply fill out this form. If you have a particular image you would like to be used, please email this to

What will be included on Doodle and Stitch if my post is accepted?
We will include an image of your make, a short description and a link to your original post. We will not include any instructions or materials, as we want to encourage readers to visit your website.

One of my posts is linked to from Doodle and Stitch, could you remove it?
Of course! If you see your post linked to from Doodle and Stitch and you would like it removed, just email us at and include the link that you want to be taken down.

Can I advertise on Doodle and Stitch?
Yes! If you are interested in advertising on our website please email us at and we can give you more information.

Will my post be shared on your social media?
Yes! If your submission is accepted we will promote and share it on our social media.