How It All Began...

I first started designing children's dinnerware products during my university degree where I studied Commercial Photography. I learned a lot about advertising photography and how the majority of food-related images that children are exposed to today are promoting unhealthy, high-sugar junk foods. Considering the fact that imagery can greatly influence children's decisions, this is likely to have a huge impact on their health!

Learning this information made me want to use imagery to influence children in a positive way. I decided to create photographic images of fun scenes and characters that are made completely from healthy food. Once I had thought of this idea, I then began to think about how children would see the images. I felt that they would be more effective if they were seen when the child was eating, so that a connection will be made between what they are seeing and what they are doing. This is when I thought it would be perfect to have the images on dinnerware!

I then carried out a lot of research into dinner and tableware design and it turns out that photographically illustrated dinnerware is pretty rare! I felt that this was a great opportunity for me to design a product that is unique, modern and for a good cause.

I have since designed many products all based on this idea, visit my shop on the link below to have a look! 

Making of...