The World is your... Watermelon!

I recently decided to create another food art photograph with a slightly different style. I still wanted it to be fun and interesting, however to have a slightly more sophisticated appearance. I came up with the idea of creating this image when I saw a globe on my windowsill and thought the shape really resembled a watermelon!

To create this design I began by drawing the shapes of the different countries onto the watermelon. I then used a small knife to cut around these lines, going in deeper in the middle of the shapes to reveal the pink colour of the inside of the fruit.

Below is the finished image:

An Apple a Day...

New Design!

Today I have been working on a new image of two apple owls sitting on a branch at night. 

Ingredients: red apples, green apples, blueberries, leek, salad leaves and carrot.

Here's the finished image:

New Dolphin Design!

Last week I created a new food art image. This one is of a banana dolphin and a courgette orca jumping out of the red cabbage ocean.

Ingredients: Red cabbage, banana, courgette and grapes.

Below is the final picture:

New Design! Penguins!

Now that winter is getting closer, I decided to create a winter themed design including penguins made from baby aubergines and carrot, coconut snow, garlic mountains and cauliflower trees.

I first thought of the idea for this snow-themed image when I went to Iceland earlier this year and saw the northern lights dance above the snow, which is where I captured this image for the sky

Below is a short video that shows how I created this image (sorry about the poor image quality):

(Music by:

This design will be available to buy on plates, placemats, coasters and greeting cards very soon!

New Designers - One Year On 2015

Next week (1st-4th July) I will be exhibiting my products at One Year On; a curated feature within New Designers showcasing around 50 designers within their first year of business. New Designers is hosted at the Business Design Centre in Islington and runs over two weeks. I am taking part in part 2 of the event. For more information visit their website:

This year New Designers is celebrating its 30th anniversary which makes me even more excited to be a part of it! Come along to see my collection alongside many other talented designers!

How To Make a Melon Man

Today is father's day so I thought I would make a fruit and vegetable dad! Here's instructions on how to make one so that children can make their own dad out of healthy food!

What you will need:
- 2 melons
- aubergine
- mushrooms
- blueberries
- red and green peppers
- new potato
- lemon
- cocktail sticks

1. First make all of the individual features:
- Eyes: pick out two mushrooms that are a similar shape and size, and cut two blueberries in half and place them on top of the mushrooms. Push a cocktail stick through each one to hold them together.
- Glasses: cut two squares and three thin strips (two long and one short) out of aubergine. Also use the aubergine to make the moustache!
- Mouth: cut a small semi circle out of red pepper to make the mouth.
- Tie: slice a green pepper into a square and a long diamond shape to create a tie.
- Collar: cut two thin slices of the inside of an aubergine to make two rectangular shapes.
- Ears: cut a slice of lemon, and then cut this slice in half to give you two ears.

2. Now that you have made all of the shapes you can start attaching it to the melon! Use cocktail sticks to push each part into the melon. (Tip: the further you push the sticks in the less visible they will be!)

3. Cut the other melon in half longways and stand one half on the flat side. Then push in at least four cocktail sticks into the top of this half. Remove these sticks and push them into the bottom of the melon head, and then push the head onto the other melon using the ready made holes.

Now your melon dad is finished!


Making of...

An insight into how I create my designs..

Once I have carried out research into what appeals to children, and themes that tend to catch their interest, I begin to think of ideas for photo-shoots inspired by this. When I have an idea, I start to draw some designs. I base the designs on the colour, shape or texture of the fruit or vegetable, as these factors cannot be changed. Creating these drawings helps me to visualise what a character, vehicle or other object will look like, as well as helping me to figure out how it could be constructed from healthy foods.

I spend a lot of time shopping for the food that I will use; I have to choose which pear is most shaped like a bird, or which lemon shares a similar appearance to a fish! Once I have purchased all the food I require, I am ready to begin the crafting. I often carry out test shoots, or practice making certain elements before the final photo-shoot, to ensure that my designs will work. Due to the surface of fresh fruits and vegetables, I am unable to use glue to attach pieces together, therefore I need to work with more unusual materials. I mainly use wire, wooden cocktail sticks and pins to make each character or other element of the photographs.

When the individual parts are completed, I begin to make the set. This process differs depending on the photo-shoot. To form the base of the set I use either polystyrene or floral foam, as these are easily carved and help to hold the food in place. I then cover this with the food that I wish to be used as the ground or floor and begin to build upon it to create the rest of the scene. If something needs to be elevated, such as a bird flying or a fish swimming, I thread wire through the food it is made from and attach it to a wire grid that is in place above the set. Using wire to hang the food allows me to angle it exactly how I want to.


I then take the photograph, using specific lighting depending on what atmosphere I intend to create, and edit the image to remove all the pieces of wire etc that are on show!


Once this is done it is ready to get printed onto dinnerware!



How It All Began...

I first started designing children's dinnerware products during my university degree where I studied Commercial Photography. I learned a lot about advertising photography and how the majority of food-related images that children are exposed to today are promoting unhealthy, high-sugar junk foods. Considering the fact that imagery can greatly influence children's decisions, this is likely to have a huge impact on their health!

Learning this information made me want to use imagery to influence children in a positive way. I decided to create photographic images of fun scenes and characters that are made completely from healthy food. Once I had thought of this idea, I then began to think about how children would see the images. I felt that they would be more effective if they were seen when the child was eating, so that a connection will be made between what they are seeing and what they are doing. This is when I thought it would be perfect to have the images on dinnerware!

I then carried out a lot of research into dinner and tableware design and it turns out that photographically illustrated dinnerware is pretty rare! I felt that this was a great opportunity for me to design a product that is unique, modern and for a good cause.

I have since designed many products all based on this idea, visit my shop on the link below to have a look!