Clay Geometric Candle Holder

Clay Geometric Candle Holder

clay candle holder

Create these modern geometric candles holders out of air dry clay. This DIY craft makes lovely handmade home decorations and it is a lovely way to make tea lights more interesting!

To make this candle holder craft you will need:


diy clay candle holder craft

Step 1:

Take a medium sized section of the air dry clay and roll into a ball. Place the clay ball onto a flat surface and push down on it slightly with your hand to make the bottom of the clay flat (to prevent it from wobbling).

Then take a tea light candle and gently push it into the centre of the clay ball. Remove the candle so you are left with a circular impression on the clay that is the same size as the candle, then use your knife or cutting tool to cut a hole in the clay in which your candle will fit into. Place your tea light into the hole and push the edges towards it to ensure it is a tight fit.

clay candle holder craft

Step 2:

Use a sharp knife or cutting tool to slice a small section of clay, starting at the edge of the tea light and cutting downwards diagonally to the middle of the clay ball. Repeat this all the way around the edge of the candle. Then turn the clay upside down and repeat this until you have a similar shape to what is shown in the image above. Leave the clay to dry overnight.

gold clay candle holder craft

Step 3:

Once the clay has completely dried, begin to paint the candle holder with some gold paint. Depending on the thickness of your paint you may have to add a few more layers. Leave to dry and then it is ready to display in your home!

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