DIY JoJo Style Boutique Hair Bow

DIY JoJo Style Boutique Hair Bow

JoJo Bows are so popular right now so I thought I would make a tutorial to show you how you can make your own! This is a really fun craft to make, and you can wear your huge boutique hair bow for years to come. These DIY bows would also be great to make for kids!

Check out the video at the bottom to see exactly how I made this bow!

To make this hair bow you will need:


Step 1

Your ribbon should be approximately 36inches. Fold the end of the ribbon into a loop, and cross it back over the top of the rest of the ribbon. Hold firmly in place.

Step 2

Take the other end of the ribbon and fold it up and across the rest of the ribbon, overlapping the end of the first loop that you made. Hold this in place. This will make the top two loops of your JoJo style hair bow.

Step 3

Take the end of the ribbon and fold in upwards to create a loop underneath the first loop that you made. Tuck it in between the first loop and the ribbon underneath and hold tightly.


Step 4

Take the remaining part of the ribbon and fold it diagonally across the bow to create the final loop. Hold all of the ribbon in place in the middle.

Step 5

Keep holding the ribbon together and fold the middle section together using a concertina fold. Then wrap a piece of wire around this fold a few times to hold the bow together. You can also trim the end of the ribbon if it is too long.

Step 6

Glue the end of the thinner piece of ribbon to the centre of the bow using a glue gun. Then wrap the ribbon around the middle of the bow and glue in place and the back. Trim the end off of the ribbon. Then attach a hair clip to the back using the glue gun.

Your huge JoJo inspired boutique hair bow is now ready to wear - you can make a whole set using different colours of ribbon!

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Here's a video showing you how to make your own JoJo Bow!


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