Free Resources for Bloggers

Free Resources for Bloggers


If you're a blogger, creative entrepreneur, small business owner etc then this list of free resources will really help you out. I have collected a few of the resources that I find really helpful when making the creative parts of my blog (pin images, logos, web photos etc.)

I have included sites where you can get free stock photos, fonts, graphics, and editing software. I hope these resources help you like they have helped me!

1. Pixomize Stock Photos


Pixomize is a great site to get styled stock photography to use on your blog, website and social media posts. Although most of the images on Pixomize are paid, you can also get a selection of FREE stock photos sent to your inbox. The best part is you will continue to get a free photo every month!

Follow this link to get your free stock photos.

If you get to the point where you love using stock photography but wish other people weren't using the exact same photos as you are, then Pixomize membership will really help you out. If you join you gain access to a library full of 'digital props' that you can use to create your own custom photos for your blog.

It's really easy to use (I created the pin image at the top of this post using Pixomize.) You can also use the digital props in free editing software. Follow this link to find out more information about Pixomize Membership.

2. Fonts and Design Goods


Creative Market is an online marketplace full of fonts and other design products that are perfect for the creative part of blogging (images, logos, branding etc.) The best part is that they offer 6 x free design products every week, including fonts, graphics, photos and more!

Follow this link to get your free design goods!

(Affiliate link: if you purchase something from this link I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.)

3. Photo Editing Software


Every creative business person will need to use photo editing software at some point. Almost all blog posts include images, and to edit and crop these images to make them exactly how you want, you will need to use an editing program. Many people use Photoshop as it is the main editing software. However there are many free editing programs that work really well!

Pixlr is a great free online editing program where you can edit, crop, resize photos and use multiple layers. The image above is a screen shot of me creating an image in Pixlr using digital props from Pixomize.


I hope you have found this small list of FREE blogging resources useful. With these resources you will be able to create pin images and blog photos, business logos, Instagram posts and so much more!

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