DIY Cork Board Map

DIY Cork Board Map


Turn an old cork board into beautiful modern DIY home decor with this craft tutorial. By just using some paint you can create a cork board map! Display it on your wall and add pins for where you've been or where you want to go. It's a great way to display your adventures and travels.

There's a video tutorial at the end of this post, or step by step written instructions below:

To make this DIY cork board map you will need:

Paint Brush

A Map



Step 1

Print out an outline of a world map on to plain white paper. The size that you print the map will depend on the size of your cork board. The cork board that I used was roughly the size of four A4 sheets of paper, so I spread the map across four sheets before printing.

Then place the map where you would like it to be on the cork board and use pins to hold it in place. Make sure you add pins to all of the larger areas of the map so that they stay in place once you begin to cut it out.


Step 2

Use a scalpel to cut around the outline of the map. Be careful not to press too hard otherwise you may cut through the cork board. I decided to only cut around the larger areas of the map as the smaller countries were too fiddly. This gave me the general outline and placements of the continents and countries, and I could freehand paint the smaller islands later on. However if you are not confident freehand painting, you can cut out the smaller islands to trace, it just may take slightly longer!


Step 3

Remove all of the excess paper and use a pen to lightly draw around the outline of the map that is attached to your cork board. I used a black pen to do this, however I would recommend using either a white or brown pen as it took me a few coats of paint to cover up the outline!

Once you have drawn around the map, remove all of the paper and pins from the cork board.


Step 4

Using white acrylic paint, fill in all of the shapes that you have drawn onto the cork board. Depending on the thickness of the paint you may need to add a second coat. Then complete the map by free hand painting the smaller islands - it may help to print out a second map to see exactly where they are supposed to be.

corkboard map-square.jpg

Step 5

Use black paint, or another colour of your choice, to paint the frame of the cork board. Wait until all of the paint has completely dried before moving or displaying your map to prevent smudging the paint.


Add pins to your DIY map cork board to show where you have been or where you want to go. You can even add photos of your holidays to the board!

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Here's a video showing you how to make this DIY cork board map craft. Subscribe to my youtube channel for more crafty videos!

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