Upcycled Telephone Table Reading Bench

Upcycled Telephone Table Reading Bench


I LOVE upcycling old and vintage furniture into something new. It's great to take an old chair or table and give it a new lease of life. Sometimes just a new coat of paint can really transform a piece of furniture. In this upcycling project I have upcycled a vintage telephone table into a contemporary reading bench.

Heres's what I did:

Step 1.


I wanted to turn the cupboard into a shelf to store books, so I got a small screwdriver and removed the hinges to remove the cupboard door. Then I filled the holes with wood filler, and once that had dried I lightly sanded the whole telephone table/chair.

Step 2.


Once I had sanded the furniture, I wiped it clean with a damp cloth. Then I covered it in a coat of Rust Oleum ink blue chalk paint (love this colour!) and left it to dry. Luckily chalk paint dries really fast so I didn't have to wait too long! I then covered it in a second coat, and that was all that was needed as the coverage of the chalk paint was really good.

I used a paintbrush to paint the edges, then filled everything else in with a roller. I prefer the finished look when it is painted using a roller, the paint appears more even.

Step 3.


Finally, once the paint was completely dry, I covered the telephone table (now reading bench) in a thin coat of wax to protect it.

I then added some old books, and a yellow cushion for contrast.

This bench is now a lovely reading nook to sit and read a good book!

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