Diy Pineapple Brooch Sewing Craft

Diy Pineapple Brooch Sewing Craft

diy pineapple brooch sewing craft

This tropical pineapple craft is a great idea for the summer! Make these funky pineapple brooches out of colourful felt for a fun and unique DIY accessory.

To make this pineapple brooch you will need:

pineapple craft

Step 1:

Cut a small oval shape out of the yellow sheet of felt. Then stitch around the outside with a neat running stitch using the orange thread. Then stitch four diagonal lines onto the felt, creating the pattern for the pineapple.

Then cut a leaf shape, similar to the one shown above, out of the green felt and stitch around the outside of this shape with the green thread.

diy pineapple felt craft

Step 2:

Using either the orange thread or some fabric glue, attach the leaf felt shape to the yellow oval to create the pineapple. Then attach the brooch pin to the back with the glue gun.

pineapple craft idea

Step 3:

If you want to add sunglasses to your pineapple, then follow this step, if not your pineapple is complete!
Cut out the shape of heart sunglasses out of the pink felt. Then cut out two hearts from the black felt that are slightly smaller than the pink hearts. Then using either thread or glue, attach the black hearts to the pink sunglasses, and then attach to the pineapple.

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