DIY Glitter Unicorn Slime

DIY Glitter Unicorn Slime

I loved making my fluffy slime tutorial so much that I have decided to make a glitter unicorn slime as well! This is so fun to play with and the swirls of different coloured slime and the sparkles of glitter make it look so pretty!

To make this glitter unicorn slime you will need:


Step 1

Follow these instructions to make some light blue slime. Then repeat the steps again, changing the food colouring, to create some light pink and purple slime.

Step 2

Spread out the slime onto the table and add a teaspoon of iridescent glitter to the top of it. Then use your hands to fold the slime on top of itself, and knead it to mix in the glitter. Repeat this with another teaspoon of glitter to make the slime really sparkly. Do this with each of the different coloured slimes.

Step 3

Lay each of the slimes next to each other and stretch them out length ways. Then fold them on top of each other and twist the slime around to create a marbled effect of the different colours.

The more you move the slime around, the more the colours will mix together. As you can see in the image above there is a nice swirl of the different colours. However after playing with it for a while, it turned to a shade of purple. Not to worry though! Just mix up another batch of blue and pink slime and add them to it to create the swirls again!

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