Pom Pom Ice Cream Craft

Pom Pom Ice Cream Craft

Make your own cute pom pom ice cream with this fun summer craft. This craft makes a great activity for the summer holidays and is sure to keep the kids busy!

To make this pom pom ice cream you will need:


Step 1

Follow this tutorial to create a pom pom, approximately 2.5 inches wide from your choice of wool/yarn. Pastel coloured wool looks great for the ice cream! Trim the pom pom to give it a nice round shape. Create another pom pom if you wish to make an ice cream with two scoops.

Step 2

Cut a semi circle from a sheet of thin white card and fold into a cone shape. Use the glue gun to stick the ends of the card together to hold the cone in place. Wrap a piece of burlap or hessian fabric around the cone and glue in place. Trim the edges if necessary.

Step 3

Put some glue around the top of the hessian covered cone, then push the pom pom on top. If you want to add another 'scoop', just put some glue on the top of the pom pom and add another one on top of it.

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