DIY Glitter Fidget Spinners

DIY Glitter Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners are so popular right now and this simple tutorial shows you how you can make your own. The sparkling glitter looks great when the fidget spinners are spinning. This is a great DIY craft idea to keep the kids busy!

Check out the video at the end of this post to see me making these fidget spinners!

To make these fidget spinners you will need:

A Straw



Step 1

Download the fidget spinner template, print it and cut it out. Then place it on top of a sheet of foam board and draw around it with a pen. Place the foam board onto a cutting mat or another piece of foam board, then use the scalpel to cut out the fidget spinner shape.

Then use the scalpel to create a small hole in the centre of the fidget spinner, and use the wooden skewer to widen the hole until it is large enough to fit a straw through it. 

Step 2

Cover the top and sides of the fidget spinner in PVA glue, and spread it evenly with a paint brush. Then cover it in coloured glitter and leave to dry. 

Step 3

Cut a piece of a straw, approximately half an inch long (long enough so that it very slightly sticks out from each side of the fidget spinner). Then push it through the hole that you made in the centre of the foam board. If it feels loose, then use the glue gun to fix it in place.

Step 4

Cut the end of a wooden skewer so that it is slightly longer than the piece of straw. Then attach a button to one end using the glue gun. Once the glue has dried, push the skewer through the straw, then glue another button to the other end. Hold in place until the glue has completely dried, spinning the fidget spinner round to make sure the glue hasn't fixed it in place.

Step 5

Turn the fidget spinner upside down, then glue a coin to each section using the glue gun. If you don't want to use coins, small round magnets will work just as well.

To use the fidget spinner, hold the two buttons with your thumb and forefinger and use your other hand to spin it round. The coins will weight it slightly, helping it to spin for longer.

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Here's a video of me making these fidget spinners. Subscribe to my youtube channel for more crafty videos!

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