How To Make a DIY Lava Lamp

How To Make a DIY Lava Lamp

Make your own DIY lava lamp with this really easy craft idea! Kids will love watching the colourful bubbles floating up and down their own handmade lava lamp. This craft is really quick to make and uses home ingredients, most of which you probably already have!

Have a look at the video at the end of this post to watch the lava lamp in action!

To make this DIY lava lamp you will need:


Cooking Oil

Step 1

To begin making your lava lamp, get a clear mason jar and stand it on the table. Clear bottles or vases will also work. Then pour in the water until about a third of the jar in full.

Step 2

Decide which colour you want your lava lamp to be, then pour this colour food colouring into the water. About ten drops of food colouring is usually enough.

Step 3

Fill up the rest of the jar with cooking oil, leaving enough room at the top for bubbles so that they don't spill over the top. Wait for the oil and water to settle and separate before completing the next step.

Step 4

Drop an aka seltzer tablet into the top of the jar, and watch your home made lava lamp come into action!

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