Easter Bunny Egg Cup Craft

easter bunny egg cup craft

Kids can make their own bunny egg cups to use for breakfast on easter morning! These cute bunnies are a perfect craft idea for the easter holidays.

To make these easter bunnies you will need:

Black pen


easter bunny egg cup craft

Step 1:

Cut out two bunny ear shapes out of a white sheet of foam, approximately two inches tall. Then cut two more ear shapes out of pale pink foam that are slightly smaller than the white ears. Use some glue to stick the pink ear shapes onto the white ears.

easter bunny eggcup craft

Step 2:

Glue the bunny ears to the back of the egg cup. Then cut a triangular nose shape out of the pale pink foam and stick to the front of the egg cup. Use the black pen to draw the bunny's mouth underneath the nose, then stick two googly eyes above it.

Now you can use your cute bunny eggcup to eat your eggs on easter morning!

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