How To Make a Mini Rainbow Piñata

How To Make a Mini Rainbow Piñata

mini rainbow piñata craft

Make your own colourful rainbow piñata from an old toilet roll tube! This craft idea is a lot of fun and can be used for children's birthday parties - they would make great party bags for friends to take home!

To make a mini rainbow piñata you will need:

Toilet roll cardboard tube


Wool or string


mini piñata craft

Step 1:

Cut a circle of paper/card the same size as the cardboard tube and stick to the bottom of it with tape, make sure it is properly attached as it will have to be strong enough to hold in the sweets later!

 Cut a strip of pink crepe paper, long enough that it can easily wrap around a toilet roll tube, and about two inches tall. Then cut slits along the bottom of the strip of crepe paper to create a tasseled edge. Be careful not to cut the slits too close to the top otherwise the paper could break.

mini piñata craft

Step 2:

Place a strip of double sided tape along the top of the crepe paper. Then peel off the backing sheet and stick the paper around the bottom of the cardboard toilet roll tube.

rainbow piñata craft

Step 3:

Repeat step two with all the colours of the rainbow (working backwards) until the cardboard tube is completely covered in tasseled crepe paper.

how to make a piñata

Step 4:

Cut a small piece of yellow wool and stick each edge to the inside of the top of the toilet roll tube with tape. Then draw around the tube onto a sheet of red paper with a pencil and cut a circle out that is slightly larger than this size. Cut slits around the edge of this circle that stop at the pencil line and fold them in towards the centre.

Fill your piñata with sweets, chocolates, mini gifts - whatever you want! Then stick small pieces of double sided tape to the insides of the tabs around the circle and place the circle on top of the piñata. Fold down each tab, sticking them to the top of the tube - and remove the tabs that are in the way of the wool.

diy mini piñata craft

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