DIY Tie the Knot Wedding Invitation

DIY Tie the Knot Wedding Invitation

Diy Wedding Invitation Craft

If you want to make your own wedding invitations then this simple but creative craft idea is the perfect choice! It plays on the words "tie the knot" and the string will tie itself into a knot when your friend opens the card.

To make this DIY wedding invitation you will need:

diy wedding invitation craft

Step 1

Cut a piece of white card in half lengthways. Then create two folds in the card a third of the way in from the edges to create a card with two 'doors'. Press down on the folds to make sure they stay folded.

diy wedding invite craft

Step 2

Use the calligraphy pens to create elegant writing on the inside of the card. Write both the names of the people getting married, then underneath write the words "are tying the knot" and then add the date of the wedding. This would work great as a save the date card! If you want to add more information you can write this on the blank card either side of this.

Tip: to save time if you have to create lots of invites (or if you don't want to draw your own calligraphy) try downloading a pretty font and writing the text on the computer - then you can just print out as many as you need!

diy wedding invite

Step 3

Cut a small hole about 1/4 of an inch away from each side of the card, keeping it as central as possible. Then cut a piece of twine so that it is at least two inches longer than the width of the card. Tie a knot in the middle of the twine (loose enough than you can untie it easily) then thread each and through the holes in the card. 

Then turn the card over and tie a knot in each end of the twine so that it cannot be pulled back through the holes in the card.

diy wedding invite craft idea

Step 4

Loosen the knot so it looks similar to the one in the above photograph. Then close the card and decorate the front if you wish. When your friend opens up the card the knot will tighten as they pull the edges of the card further apart!

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